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The Enlightened One© 
~El Uno Iluminado©

"Lord of the Wind, Ascended Master [Teacher & Magnificent Hierophant], Se[r]V[a]enth into Christ, God-Man Realized & Lord of My Era..." ©

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Ramtha's & JZ's 


Before Ramtha® created His School [of]or Enlightenment™ on the year 1988, JZ Knight, the also founder and president of their School of Ancient Wisdom®, Privately Channeled Him at Sessions that were taking place until a November of 1979, when the days of Ramtha's Dialogues® then ~opened to the public~ began to take place across several Cities in former "United States of America", while they only conceded one single Interview, between 1977 and 1988.

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Ramtha's & JZ´s 

Ramtha's Teachings© began to formally take place during that year of 1988, in which Now is known as the [first] Main Campus for the internationally acclaimed, firstQuintessential Academy of the MindRamtha's School of Enlightenment® (RSE achronym, for short)the Original School of Consciousness & EnergywhereJZ Knight's Teachings©  had also taken place as/since She HerSelf became, in Her own path, pace, right, Master Teacher of their mentioned RSEA Division of JZK, Inc. A registered Washington State Corporation. Its 'Class 101: Remarkable Mindalways has been available OnLine for your OnDemand purchasing requests in several languages and modules, at the USA RSE's Official Websitehere.

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Ramtha's & JZ's 


For many attendees to Ramtha's Dialogues® and/or receivers and/or recipients of His and/or HerTeachings©, some of their lives experiences with people at certain places and/or with specific things on determined times, after, during and even previously to such events took place, are confirmations, dejavus, [email protected]@ctions and/or runners of their own sources of inspiration, knowingness as well as about the knowledge they may have acquired and/or been exposed to, after, during & previously to any RSE's events and/or Events thru/with their Masters Teachers Ramtha's & JZ Knight's authentic copyright Books, DownLoadable MP4, CDs, DVDs, Quotes, Materials, MEMEs, Streamings, Teachings and Works.




Ramtha's & JZ's

Other ways to access Ramtha's Knowledge, His Model of Reality and Teachings© and also rare, timeless and valuable JZ's Teachings©, is by actively and intentionally participating into yourselves' own awakening, just by carefully listening, reading and watching His and/or Her authentic copyright materials, opuses and works that are and have been always available to the general public in several formats and languages across the globe for more than fourth decades now, such as Ramtha's and JZ's Books, Compact Discs [CDs], DownLoadable MP4.files, DVDs, On-Demand and/or OnLine Streaming Teachings, Texts and Videos Excerpts, mostly available thru Ramtha's and JZ's School of Enlightenment official store and website, but also sometimes, at/thru RSE Official's Social Networks Profiles and RSE's Coordinators and Translators' websites, wich also are available in several languages.


Ramtha's & JZ's

Whatever and whenever your participation has been in your own search for knowledge, trustable sources of information and "truth", before, during and after any of the possible ways to access and use authentic and/or copyright materials and teachings from Ramtha and JZ Knight, it is always wise to keep a close eye to RSE Official's Coordinators' and Translators' social networks profiles, stores and/or websites, to become always acutely aware of any changes and/or updates that may alert and/or help You choose to take a further, informed and/or timely action and/or participation decision in regarding your spiritual evolution and/or strategic movements during your lifes-time.




Ramtha's & JZ's 



JZKnight & Ramtha: ~

Return of "The Campaign"

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Ramtha's Return to the Campaign '21

"Overcome, Overcome until You Become" ~ Ramtha

In several cases, those very personal contemplations and/or experiences during their lives, are compelling confirmation, evidence, messengers and/or runners, for some Students to [re]consider, [re]contemplate, [re]asses, [re]correct/[re]ctify and/or [re]revisit more deeply what they think and/or originally tought Ramtha's & JZ's Predictions, Knowledge© and Techniques™ are all about [or were all about for Them] as well as its more in dept-real meanings, purposes and ultimate goals, along with those also, intentional and purposefully introduced by JZ Knight over the years during the days of Her teachings at their School, which they may acquired and/or received as far back as previously and/or while during their "Days of the Dialogues", after those days and/or during any events and/or retreats with Ramtha and/or JZ Knight since 1988, as well as thru their attentive and sincere participation on RSE's events mostly after January 2010, March 2013, June 2016 and October 2020, which, eventually lead the more sincere of the RSE's students, among the whole Student Body, to look forward to enjoy most valuble Pre-Schooling Dialogues Days Teachings, many yet unseen and/or untapped by Them, available at the School's Website and/or to become more aware of their Critical Times & Up-Dates Messages and Teachings, which all are part of the pure intentional and objective purpose of this JZ Knight & Ramtha's landing-page, by pointing and/or making it [re]available, [re]cognized, [re]organized and [re]produceble and/or [re]systematized for All and Any as Beginners or Advanced Coordinators, Listeners, Students, Teachers, Translators,  Viewers and/or Watchers.

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