July 22, 2009



~ Dr. Judy Mikovits "warns spike protein 'vaccine' injections may kill 50 million Americans" on June 2, 2021 at "Brighteon Conversations", thru "Health Ranger Report" interviewed by Mike Adams the "Real Health Ranger" in several social networks, published/released on June 3, 2021:

~ Dr. Judy Mikovits on Plandemic Part 1 from April 2020, a short documentary produced by Mikki Wills, recalls and warns "...that Act gave government workers the 'right to patent their discoveries', so to claim intellectual property for discoveries that the taxpayer[s] paid for; ever since that happened in the early 80s, it destroyed science and this allowed the development of those conflicts of interests, and [therefore] this is the crime behind letting somebody like Bill Gates, with billions of dollars [nonthelless being a] not {body} elected Him [as also] He has not medical background; He has no expertise, but We let people like that, have a voice in this Country, while We destroy the lives of millions of people [then Bill Gates appears talking at 9:34} . . ." [following by a Question from Interviewer] Mikki Willis Ask Her: "If We activate mandatory vaccines, globally, I imagine this people stand to make hundreds of billions of dollars that own the vaccines?" [followed by an Answer that had long should be a Great Awakened's® Peoples a "Permanent Headline All Around the World"] And then She Answers Him: "And they kill millions; has they already had with their vaccines; there is no vaccine, currently on schedule, for any ARN virus that works...", published/released on April 19, 2020. Watch below the Complete/Full Part 1, in their english native language as originally recorded/released then, and, as You already may know, has been heavily banned/censored/prohibited/restricted worldwide by Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms, here: