May 28, 2021

IMPORTANT NOTE: This domain's "landing page" website does intends to be a reasonable, reliable, resolving source of information & guidance for all and any Who still may be confused, controlled, programmed and/or manipulated by others of their peers, which, by their own uncaring "research" as weak "resources" efforts, had been lead to "believe" others peoples' "experiences", "stories" and "words" as their own "truths", in some cases, taking them as authentic, granted and unquestionable even to build-up adversarial personal positions against Ramtha's & JZ's and their RSE's enlightening endevor[s], partnership[s] and work[s] here and now, in this New Era of undoubtedly, challenging times for individuals as a whole, as for humanity as a kind, but also, uncertain as untapped opportunities, to keep making known our own unknowns as overcoming our own blocks in our paths to enlightenment, to eventually, conquer ourselves, each and everyone, to become greater than our respective and singular dreams and pasts.

THEREFORE, the authenticated resources made available thru this blog's pages and posts, its alternated, associated, correlated and referral pages, profiles, stores and websites, are yet to be carefully and individually evaluated, harnessed, share and used only by those Whom, perhaps, by their own previously uncomprehended Spirits' and Souls' calls, are still authenticly and sincerefully contra-riated/dicted about those inaccurate, infundios, insults and insincere claims, gossips and slanderings against JZ & Ramtha and/or their Great Work[s] here and now, which, brings them back to keep endlessly and/or innerly questioning themselves about their own and/or their behavior[s] and choice[s], in respect to those attitudes and subjectivity.